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We won and we keep winning | Duolingo Innovation Award

Updated: Jun 17

We are very delighted to announce that at the Duolingo Conference (DETCON2024) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Country Director of Open Dreams, James Akaba, was one of four people recognized internationally for their work; He got the award for Innovation in the "We Rise Together" Duolingo Awards.

"Hardly a moment so humbling as receiving an International Award from the hands of my mentor over the years - a mentorship relationship which started off in 2018 when I was an International ACAC Scholar. Thank you, Jen Dewar, Senior Director of Strategic Engagement for Duolingo" - This was contained in a Facebook post made by James Akaba.

"The international gathering was both a forum on lowering barriers to education, and an opportunity to recognize distinguished colleagues in the field for their outstanding contributions in improving education access and enriching the lives of students. The 'We Rise Together' Awards recognize individuals and organizations whose work has an immense impact on education access." - Duolingo

This is Fourth International Award within a period of 2 years received by the selfless, passionate and inspirational Open Dreams Country Director.

Among many other professional development programs at DETCON2024, the conference participants explored and celebrated digital innovations that enable radical increase in access to education, and also took a deep dive into the Gen Z mindset for admission initiatives.

We won and we keep winning.

"As we work on "Improving education mobility and enriching the lives of students, We Rise Together" - Duolingo  

"We got a chance to listen live to the Duolingo Co-founder, Luis von Ahn, who is also the co-inventor of the CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)", James added as a footnote in his Facebook post.

We are so indebted to Duolingo for miraculously championing access to international education to a whole new level - many are now able to attain their full potential and contribute optimally to development initiatives. We are grateful to the U.S. Embassy Yaounde, the HALIAccessNetwork, the International ACAC, the Mastercard Foundation, the National Association for College Admission Counseling, our partners and all those who believe in us and support us in the mission, "Equalizing Access to Educational Opportunities for Community Impact."

Join us in Yaoundé Cameroon from July 25th - 27th, as we celebrate a Decade of Triumph.

Visit page 9 of the Guardian Post Newspaper attached below, for a report on the award.

The Guardian Post Newpaper - Issue Number 3141
Download PDF • 2.43MB

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