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Open Dreams University & Scholarship Preparedness Path

Over the past 10 years, Open Dreams has worked tirelessly to connect high achieving scholars from across Cameroon to scholarship opportunities at universities around the world, providing a platform for scholars to elevate their success and truly realize their dreams. To date, Open Dreams has helped over 200 scholars gain access to universities in over 25 countries, all on fully paid scholarships. Up until now, Open Dreams has only offered their services in person, conducting rigorous Summer Academies in Bamenda, Yaounde and Douala, covering topics such as essay writing, College entrance exam preparation, interview skills, computer programming and more. After the summer academy, scholars are paired with mentors who help guide them through the college & scholarship application process.

However, last year, Open Dreams just launched an online, virtual-based summer academy that is delivered to students across the country on a need basis. Recognizing their geographical limitations and inability of reaching every deserving, high achieving scholar, Open Dreams set out to pursue building a fully immersive online curriculum with which scholars can learn at their own pace. Each of the sessions - which mirror the same topics within the summer academy - are taught by experienced alumni who have successfully participated in the Open Dreams program and secured full university scholarships. While the online course differs in that students are not paired with a mentor, it provides the same backbone of information that students receive in-person. After a one year experimentation of the platform, now, Open Dreams is taking their platform to the next level, giving it wings and letting is spread across even the most remote parts of the country. With just a simple connection to the internet, scholars can get a leg up in pursuing their dreams to attend university. It should be noted, however, that Open Dreams does not make any promises that taking this course will lead to a scholarship - only a fraction of those that partake in the in-person programs actually end up receiving a scholarship. Nonetheless, partaking in this curriculum will equip a scholar with practical tools and knowledge that will help him or her become successful in any realm of life.


Open Dreams Online Academy

Click on the link below to access the Open Dreams University & Scholarship Preparedness Path

Looking for financial Aid?

Are you unable to afford the course? Or do you need a slight support to enable you leverage this amazing resource? Do not worry. You simply need to click on the link below and fill out to short survey requesting what percentage of aid will be most appropriate towards enabling you enroll on the platform. 



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