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Why join Open Dreams?

Open Dreams is more than a dream - we are a family. When you are accepted into the Summer Academy, you join a cohort of scholars, mentors, facilitators, and speakers who have studied at some of the best universities in the world and they want to make YOUR dream a reality. With mentorship, community service, leadership training, and ongoing support - wherever you want to go, we can help you get there! 


Summer Academy

A rigorous two month program, the Open Dreams Summer Academy helps educate, transform, and inspire the minds of high achieving, low income students who have the motivation and the drive to succeed and the passion to make their communities a better place to live!

Our scholars study math, writing, entrepreneurship, leadership, computer programming and more while completing a volunteer project to help their environment, their community and one another.

At the end of the summer the most dedicated students are paired with a mentor and assisted throughout the year with college and graduate school applications to some of the best universities in the world! Are you up for the task? Then apply now. Applications are open from February 12th 2023 till June 16th, 2023 .

       Applications - ODSA 2024

Open Dreams - Summer Academy Online Application

Open Dreams - Summer Academy Paper Application Form


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