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Open Dreams works with the top performing students in Cameroon who have achieved great feats in spite of economic hardship. Each spring we select the top students from across the country to participate in our Open Dreams Summer Academy. The most dedicated students go on to become Open Dream Scholars and are paired to an international mentor to help them study for the SAT, TOEFL, and apply to leading universities and scholarships across the world! 

'Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.'

~ George Patton





Maeva Che,

McGill University

Che Maeva worked diligently for nearly 2 years applying to more than 25 schools before gaining a full MasterCard Scholarship to McGill University in Montreal. She is studying Bio Resource Engineering and hopes to one day work for international NGO. 

Mohammad Awal Yaya,

University of Toronto

Mohammad is our first scholar to attend the University of Toronto on a full MasterCard Scholarship. He is excited to study with students from all over the world and is already excelling in Canada!

Jelissa Cecile Cayo,

African Leadership Academy

Jelissa is studying very hard at the African Leadership Academy in South Africa as a MasterCard Scholar. She has joined many clubs and made many friends. She hopes to apply to top universities in the US and Europe once she finishes her preparatory school. 

Liyeuk Reynald Joabet, African Leadership University

Reynald is deeply passionate about technology and how it can be used to lift communities out of poverty with a keen interest in Renewable energy and Smart City developments. He is incredibly happy and humbled to be a MasterCard Foundation Scholar at the African Leadership Academy, where he will be studying Computer Science. He is deeply motivated to create an impact in his community and wants to leverage technology to bring healthcare to remote areas, improve transport and infrastructure, power industries and homes with clean energy, improve Smart waste management and water distribution. .

Ngaha Dingue Emeline Joyce,

Open Dreams Scholar

Two years ago, I had an astounding encounter in a public hospital in Yaounde where I currently live, and this revealed to me I was born to save and ameliorate people's lives by providing them with an enabling environment for them to flourish.. A career in medicine offers me the opportunity to live a fulfilling, rewarding life dedicated to help others in the community of my practice and in Africa by serving as a resource to the public. In this light, I am planning to major in a pre-medical program such as Biochemistry which will provide me with a solid foundation to be an aspiring physician.

Theodore Kanjo,

University of Botswana 

Theodore is above all things an artist. He has been drawing since he was nine years old. He is a holder of both the GCE Ordinary and GCE Advanced levels from GBHS Down Town Bamenda in physical science. He has recently been selected for a full scholarship to studying Engineering at the University of Botswana in an advanced 5 year degree! We are extremely proud of Theodore and the time and effort he has dedicated to his studies, his artwork, and to other students in the program!

Chebesi Daphne,

Open Dreams Scholar

Living in a community that brands girls as a weaker sex with so many stereotyping beliefs surrounding them, I have decided to rise up to any challenge I must face as a girl. I dream of one day becoming the UN secretary General not because I want to be in position of power or command respect, but because I want to make every girl believe that everything is possible and they have the ability to rise up and be who they want to be.I am here at Open Dreams to summon my best self. To take a boat that will sail me in the direction I want to get to and not the direction society wants me to go. I am here at Open Dreams to command myself to rise up to any challenge I must face in the pursuit of my dreams.  

Forsi Ferdinand,

Open Dreams Scholar

  Ferdinand is a holder of the  General Certificate of Education ordinary levels .which he made it with 24 in Government Bilingual high school Atiela ,being the best student in his badge in terms of points. Currently he is enrolled in high school in GBHS Etoug-Ebe in Yaoundé. Moreover,he has an associate diploma in computer science ,a position in the Education design project 2017 in the Eco village  Bafut for the rural development of the Bafut people. Ferdinand will be receiving a bronze and silver medal and an attestation in the Duke of Edinburgh's international award come this February 8th 2018 and he intends to use the knowledge gained to promote the talent of Cameroonian citizens. 

Teke Aboh,

US Nursing School

Teke Aboh is an amazing Open Dreams Scholar who spent two years at our center in Bamenda. She is deeply passionate about medicine and about improving medical conditions in Cameroon. She is now living in Texas where she is completing her prerequisites at a local college to start her degree in nursing. She intends to studying nursing over the next few years and help others both in the US and when she returns to her home country. 



a Dream

We don't just dream... we believe in our dreams, then we do the work to realize them. 


Our scholars work hard all summer and throughout the school year to reach their dreams!

All of our Open Dreams Scholars complete a summer volunteering project!

Here three scholars celebrate another  fantastic day out in the field volunteering with the city council, preserving the rich gifts of nature, and conserving the environment!

Making it Real



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