Support a Dreamer

Education is the gift that keeps on giving.  Positively impacting one student's Here's your chance to Support a Dreamer in making dreams a reality.  At Open Dreams, we're 100% committed to the cause and ensure all donation proceeds will go strictly towards education-related expenses - computers, books, internet resources, exam and application fees - all necessary ingredients in helping our Dreamer get to the next level. As a registered 501c3 non-profit, all donation proceeds are tax-deductible. And link us to your Amazon Smile donation account now!

Currently we are raising money to support two incredible students.  Brain and Jelissa are both attending a prestigious college preparatory school in Johannesburg, the African Leadership Academy. However, even with a generous scholarship from the academy, they are short of financing needed to support their living costs. All donations made this month will go directly to support their dreams. 

Let's help them make their dreams a reality!

Meet Jelissa

 I am very  passionate about neurosciences and aim to  help eradicate nerve diseases, a trend which impedes the daily activities of most people in my hometown, Bamenda. This is why I have ambitions to become a neurosurgeon one day. My  passion for others and my  desire to contribute to my community’s well being will enable me  to stand out in the ALA community. After completing college,  I hope to return home and put what I would have learned at the service of my community in Cameroon.

I  grew up in a family of 6 with 4 siblings. I am  the only girl and my  father is a retired secondary school teacher. The pension he receives is mostly devoted towards the wellbeing of my  family so finding additional funding for the African Leadership Academy will be very hard. I hope you can help me achieve my dreams. 

Meet Brain

I am passionate about the world, its people and what it has to offer. This is why I am fascinated with engineering and marveling infrastructure. The African Leadership Academy will equip me with skills that will help me tackle the engineering challenges that my community faces. My mom supports me fully but the family income has shrunk considerably since my dad’s passing. With four siblings in secondary school, excluding myself, saving to pay for my education at the African Leadership Academy will leave us with nothing. Yet, I am not giving up already. I hope to advocate the introduction and implementation of superior town planning schemes here in Cameroon after I complete college. Attending the African Leadership Academy means the world me because it will change my life for the better and that of my community.