We strongly believe each person is born with the ability to achieve great things in life regardless of their background. Our Dream is to open doors and help them do it!


We do this through the power of education - by mentoring, teaching, training and connecting our students to university scholarships around the world. We work with high achieving, low income students who dare to dream big enough to study abroad, pairing each with a  a one-on-one mentor who provides advice and encouragement throughout the strenuous and complicated process of applying for universities.


Open Dreams has ground operations in Bamenda, Cameroon providing the essential ingredients - computers, internet access, study guides, teachers and a classroom - needed to maximize educational opportunities. We are proud members of the HALI access network helping high achieving, low income students across the continent. Through education, each child can build the foundation to achieve higher goals, creating a beneficial domino effect within their community.


Join us in our mission today!






Not long ago, our co-founder Blaise Buma, was one of many kids in his hometown in Cameroon struggling to make ends meet. As bright he was, he didn't know which path to take to turn his dreams into reality. Luckily for him, a bright young girl named Morgan saw something in him that he hadn't yet recognized in himself - his full potential.


Morgan knew withe the right training and support Blaise would succeed at any top university in the world. She was right. Two years after their encounter Blaise had earned a full scholarship to Washington & Lee College in Virginia. He then went on to study at the London School of Economics in England, to become a Schwarzman Scholar in China, and to be accepted to Harvard Business School. That little extra push from a person that cared is what got him here today. Now it is his turn to give back.


And we are here to support him. Through the example of Blaise we see first hand the immense power of education to change lives. 


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