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Reaching out to conflict-plagued zones with essential health services | Platine Nyuyki, MD

It hits different giving back to the community that raised you and shaped your perspective and passions.

On April 27th, 2024, Healthi First in partnership with GHS Melim Pioneer Students, My African Womanhood, Open Dreams, and eHealthi Doctors, reached out to Melim (in Kumbo- North West Region, Cameroon) during the first-ever outing of its kind in one of the most insecure conflict-plagued zones of the region, braving the odds to empower the Melim community with their preventive medicine agenda.

During this activity, they consulted over 50 people young and old, screening them for Non-Communicable Diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity) and dispensed Free essential medicines, pads, and preservatives to enforce healthy sexual practices. This was after keynote presentations on NCDs, Menstrual Hygiene, and Sexual health.

During our work, we came across elderly patients who were suffering from poorly controlled hypertension and diabetes. Surprisingly, they hadn't seen a doctor in months, even though their conditions were in the urgency range. This highlighted the importance of our timely intervention, as it helped many disadvantaged elderly patients avoid potentially fatal complications of their diseases.

Their immense gratitude gave us immeasurable fulfillment and the desire to do this again... Another outreach mission is set for a neighboring village, Kai, on May 4th, 2024. We do this because if not us, who? If not now, when?

  • Platine Nyuyki, MD

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