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"Now that I have joined Open Dreams, when will I have a scholarship?"

A mentee asked me the question above. This is a misconception most students, parents, and even some teachers have about Open Dreams.

Open Dreams is neither a warehouse nor a reservoir for #scholarships where people can just come in, pick, and go. Were that the case, students would not have been spending gap years at Open Dreams.

Open Dreams is a well-equipped contemporary laboratory with all the resources and facilities that place any conscious and dedicated scholar miles ahead of their competitors. Our resources among others are our very rich physical and e-libraries, peers, very resourceful and selfless mentors, and other external resource persons who are invited from time to time to talk with the scholars.

How much time you spend at Open Dreams will depend on several factors amongst which are how well you immerse yourself into the community, your motivation for joining the organization, how well you use the resources at your disposal, your commitment, and how much time and energy you invest to complete your metamorphosis.

- Toulack Kingsley | Open Dreams Team

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