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Mentor-Mentee relationship: Responsibilities of the mentee | Toulack Kingsley

From my previous post, many people have sought to know what makes a mentee mentorable and here I have chosen to share a few insights.

1. The #mentee should be open to receiving guidance, feedback, and advice from the #mentor and meticulously put it into practice. The mentee should thus approach the mentor-mentee relationship with a willingness to #learn and grow while respecting the mentor and upholding high moral standards.

2. The mentee should initiate regular #communication with the mentor, sharing his/her goals, challenges, and progress. Ideally, every fortnight, the mentee should share what they have done and what they intend to do in the next two weeks. This makes them proactive in seeking guidance and clarifying expectations.

3. Work with the mentor to set clear, achievable goals and objectives. Take ownership of your personal and professional development by actively participating in the #goal-setting process. This includes knowing the specific program or scholarships you are eligible and ready for and not just every opportunity that comes your way.

4. As a mentee, you should be #accountable and hold yourself accountable for your actions and commitments. Follow through on agreed-upon tasks and deadlines, demonstrating reliability and accountability. Keeping to deadlines gives the mentor enough time to review your essays at his/her convenience. Do remember the mentor is not your employee who should review your essays at your convenience.

5. The mentee should be actively engaged and take the initiative in seeking #opportunities for learning and skill development. Engage in activities, webinars, workshops, projects, volunteering, and discussions that contribute to your growth and development.

6. As mentee, you should reflect on your experiences and seek feedback from your mentor on your strengths, areas for improvement, and progress towards your goals. Use feedback constructively to enhance your skills and performance.

7. Show #respect and #appreciation for the mentor's time, expertise, and guidance. Express gratitude for their support and mentorship, acknowledging the value they bring to your personal and professional growth. From my personal experience, less than 1% of mentees do this. Once they make it, the mentor is kept aside and either it becomes a family thing, or the mentee claims to have been super intelligent to make it alone.

8. It is also worth noting that the mentee should follow the mentor on social media (if they are) and read the content shared as they are likely to learn much from there.

By fulfilling these responsibilities, the mentee can actively contribute to a mutually beneficial and fulfilling mentor-mentee relationship, maximizing the opportunities for learning, growth, and success.

  • Toulack Kingsley | Open Dreams

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