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Inspiring purposeful drive for success - Teh Triumph

There I was, humbly seated among Doctors, great leaders, mothers, and fathers on the World Changers Association (WCA) platform, clearly distinguished from my fellow youths and likely age-mates. Though wondering what honor had been given to me, a deep yearning to inspire the over 50 seated people lay deep within me. After the MC ended the opening prayer in some minutes to 3 pm on Saturday 16/04/2022, the presentation on Purpose Discovery by Mr. Emmanuel Forgab began. His presentation really got me reflecting on my journey after high school to how far I have come. Within 30 minutes, I had jotted down a page of essential elements of the presentation, one of which was: “you need to persevere till you fulfill your purpose.” As Mr. Forgab rightly stressed, we all need to dream and pursue them!

When he finished, and after a 5-minute icebreaker, the MC then announced Open Dreams’ presentation, which I would do. As the youngest speaker seated among the elders, I prayed for grace and confidence. Within seconds, I climbed the platform and manifested the Open Dreams spirit boldly by starting with my struggle-story for education-from high school in the Anglophone crisis. I continued to my dreams, passion for community service and all the difficulties I faced as a high-achiever seeking quality education but limited from a low-income background. Then I narrated how I got hooked when I met Open Dreams and said I won't turn back till I realize my dreams, whatever has to be done! Without transport, sufficient clothes, and food money, I told my parents I was headed to Yaounde to achieve my dreams. While describing my story, my PowerPoint showed some of the things I have been able to attain at Open Dreams. Then, when I mentioned that I had finally secured a place at an institution where I will thrive from the fall, the many clapping of hands, nodding of heads, and excitement on the faces of the people assured me that truly, my aim (to inspire purposeful drive for success) was attained.

After that, I dived deeper into the career orientation part of my presentation by Mikah Edwin, who sent a 12-minute video. I also said some aspects of his story to motivate students studying in Cameroon that it is possible to succeed anywhere. His presentation was rich and guided many as I saw people taking notes. I went further to give success tips with, again another part of my story. This part showed my hunger, resilience, and willingness to go the extra mile like the 35 days of fasting and 3 days of dry fasting). I was hungry for an opportunity to make every other part of my life significant. I then went further to introduce some available opportunities to grasp, like the Harvard-founded Aspire Leaders Program, which I’m an alum of, University of the People, where I currently study an Associate’s degree in Health Sciences, Open Dreams, and more. My last slide then left a take-home message, a quote from Jack Ma: “So once in your life, try something. Work hard at something. Try to change. Nothing bad can happen.”

When I reflect back on the event, for a moment, I feel like I was doing a TED talk, but then it’s a dream I’m looking forward to achieving soon!

- Teh Triumph, Open Dreams Scholar

Feedback from the Academic and Professionals Conference organized by the World Changers Association, Courtesy: - (1) Dr. Djontsu Steve Michel (FMBS Yaounde), WSA

(2) Dr. Leonard Ngarka (Yaounde Central Hospital), WSA

(3) Forbang Emmanuel, WSA

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