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Every aspect of Open Dreams is Spectacular - Kah Angel Courage

Finally, being a part of the Open Dreams Summer Academy, #ODSA2023 intensive 6-week program has been fulfilling in so many ways. At this moment, I am overwhelmed with mixed feelings because I have gained a new family of friends, facilitators, and team members during this period. They have played an instrumental role in helping me discover my purpose and in unlocking my capabilities.

Every aspect of Open Dreams is simply spectacular: their sessions, facilities and facilitators ensure that we are enriched with a wealth of knowledge. This has been one of the most remarkable summer experiences I have had, largely due to the network I have built within the Open Dreams family.

However, I recognize that this is only the beginning of a new journey filled with even more valuable experiences. Open Dreams has instilled in me a deep passion for community engagement, volunteering, leadership, and public speaking.

Overall, I am immensely grateful for the transformative impact that Open Dreams has had on my life. I eagerly look forward to applying the skills and values I have acquired from this program to make a positive difference in the world.

- Kah Angel Courage'23

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