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Bead Making and Sexual Reproductive Health with IDPs

We could not wait to kick-start the fascinating 2-day workshop (August 26 & 27th 2022) to empower some vulnerable displaced young girls in Yaoundé in bead-making and Sexual Reproductive Health, with Niassan Anushka, the Project Coordinator, and the partners giving a general overview.

Jonas Bongmoyong, an inspirational youth activist and social entrepreneur took the queue to cover the subjects entrepreneurship and marketing. His presentation focused on how to begin modestly while maintaining a larger vision.

A fascinating session on sexual and reproductive health with Clementine Nah followed the break after the first training slots. Her discussion centered on menstruation, sexually transmitted diseases, and female hygiene. She dished out precautionary measures to the girls on how they could take good care of themselves to preserve their future. The young girls received sanitary pads at the end of the presentation.

Day two was focused on beads making with Ngasso Epiphany, after the workshop supplies, which included sleepers, beads, razor blades, and sewing threads, were distributed to the participants. The workshop started with participants divided into 3 groups, with each learning a special pattern. The interactive session continued with the exchange of information on making beads, samples of beads, and guidance from the trainer on how to work with the materials to create a work of art. While following the instructions, the participants practiced what they had learned through exercises and coaching.

The Project Coordinator and Head of the DeWise Foundation, Seka Jean Blaise, then gave a final speech in which he urged the girls to use their experiences as internally displaced persons (IDPs) as inspirations to address similar issues in their immediate community. He expressed his gratitude to all the participants, organizers, partners, and stakeholders. The workshop came to an end with the handing of certificates of completion to 20 participants.

We believe that the empowerment of women is the empowerment of the future!

This project was made possible thanks to a grant from the YES-Alumni Cameroon

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