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You are the generation that must not and cannot fail! - Bob Geldof

We started Open Dreams to help empower future leaders of Cameroon and Africa. 

Blaise Buma, Co-Founder of Open Dreams

Our Mission

Education Changes Lives

At Open Dreams we see 

education as a gift that opens doors. 

We help those who need it 

most find the quality education they deserve. 

Our Story

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Not Long ago Blaise Buma was one of many kids in his home-town in Cameroon struggling to make ends meet. Bright as he was, he did know which path to take to turn his dreams into a reality....

Rex Senior prefect 2

Our Scholars

 Meet the bright students of Open Dreams. They come from many different schools and backgrounds, each with a unique story. Under one roof they join in community to share their struggles and support each each other.

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Che Maeva,

MasterCard Scholar,

McGill University

"I am a MasterCard Scholar in Bio resource engineering at McGill University. I intend to use my degree as a stepping stone, to get connections with worldwide recognized NGO's and counsel youth and encourage them to work hard, with patience, to achieve their future goals and help in building a better country.

Liyeuk Reynald,

MasterCard Scholar

African Leadership University

"From the lowlands of Balikumbat, to African Leadership University, in Mauritius; What an incredible journey!  I look back with so much amazement and awe,as to how far I have come; from a 12 year old, who could barely read, to one studying at one of Africa's best Universities."

Chebesi Daphne,

Open Dreams Scholar 

"Living in a community that brands girls as a weaker sex, I have decided to rise up to any challenge I must face as a girl. I I  dream of one day becoming the UN secretary General not because I want to be in a position of power, but because I want to make every girl believe that anything is possible."

Our Mentors

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Our Mentors hail from top universities all over the world. Join us an help a young, bright student find their way to college. We ask that mentors provide 1-2 hours a week to help students prepare for the SATs, pass the TOEFL, and write college essays and scholarship applications.


Meet the team that started Open Dreams. Joined by our mutual desire to empower disadvantaged youth, our collective dream is to provide access to the same quantity and quality of education we had. 

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