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You've shaped our minds, with wisdom and insight | Rosita Munang'23

In the realm of learning, let my words resound,

A heartfelt tribute to you facilitators, profound.

As we part ways on this educational quest,

My heart swells with gratitude, truly blessed.

Dr. Monique Kwachou of Better Breed Cameroon facilitating a session at the summer academy in Yaounde

To you facilitators, beacons of light,

You guided us through darkness, shining so bright.

With unwavering dedication, you nurtured our souls,

Igniting the fire of knowledge, making us whole.

In your classrooms, safe spaces we found,

Where wisdom and compassion beautifully abound.

You believed in our potential, each and every one,

Encouraging us to soar, to reach for the sun.

Facilitators, you believed in our potential, strong,

Encouraging us to excel, to prove them wrong.

Your guidance and support, a beacon in the night,

You've shaped our minds, with wisdom and insight.

Through your patience and guidance, you opened our eyes,

To the wonders of learning, to life's priceless ties.

You sparked curiosity, you fanned the flame,

Forever in our hearts, your influence will remain.

To my classmates, dear companions on this ride,

Together we've journeyed, side by side.

Through laughter and tears, through triumph and strife,

We formed unbreakable bonds that will last a lifetime.

In lecture halls and study sessions late at night,

We shared dreams and fears, our futures shining bright.

With empathy and support, we lifted each other high,

A constant reminder that we're never alone in the sky.

Through teamwork and collaboration, we grew and thrived,

Inspiring one another, keeping our dreams alive.

In the face of challenges, together we stood,

Encouraging, uplifting, always seeking the good.

As our paths diverge, and we bid farewell,

Emotions surge within, like a bittersweet spell.

But the memories we've woven, like a tapestry divine,

Will forever bind us, an eternal lifeline.

Closing Ceremony - Open Dreams Summer Academy 2023, Yaounde

To my classmates, I raise my voice and say,

Thank you for the moments, for brightening each day.

The laughter, the camaraderie, the lessons we've shared,

In my heart, forever cherished and cared.

Though we part ways, our spirits intertwined,

United by the memories, the dreams we've defined.

In the tapestry of life, we'll forever be,

Connected by the bonds of our shared journey.

Farewell, dear facilitators, classmates so true,

In my heart, I hold each one of you.

Grateful for the impact, the love that you've shown,

For together we've flourished and truly grown.

With heartfelt emotions, I bid you adieu,

Facilitators and classmates, thank you.

By Rosita Munang, Batch of Gratitude | Open Dreams Summer Academy 2023 Yaounde

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