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We find salvation through others - Ebebe Lionel'22

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Success is unachievable by one's own might and experience. I always hear people say, ”Salvation is personal". Well, I don't deem it entirely true. The parcour of my life is defined by mutual aid nourished by consent and reciprocal relationships I built with my entourage. The love, the amusement, the trouble, the disagreements, the understanding, the bonds created as a result of numerous interactions with my peers on several areas familiar and alien to us.

Influenced by this plethora of emotions, I created my own motto, "We find salvation through others". By them helping us, criticizing us, supporting us, giving us solace in difficult moments. I have two families: the one I was born in, and the one I joined. The one that raised me and the one that inspired me to never let down despite the odds that stand in my way.

I express immeasurable gratitude for my kin and above all Open Dreams for lifting me up to where I am today. I am about to attend one of the most competitive schools in the world – Columbia University (Ivy League), a dream come to fruition indeed. I used to believe such feat nearly unattainable by Africans, talk less about Cameroonians, but Open Dreams proved to me it was possible. All it demanded on my part was humility, resilience and valiance - the vital ingredients to cook a meal of success. Thank you, Open Dreams, for your support, thank you for building me. I wish the new scholars all the best in the universe, and that they shall attain even greater heights, for I firmly believe they are better than any previous scholar who passed through Open Dreams.

To all new scholars, and the ones to come in the future, You will do better.

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21 ago 2023

Bro don't know you but success is already at your finger tip it up to you now to build the person you have always wanted to almighty columbia you made it wish you more success 💪👍

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