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The Yale Model African Union I 2022, Kigali Rwanda Experience - Nchofon Tagha

Being part of the Yale Model African Union I 2022 that was held in Kigali Rwanda at the African Leadership University was a great experience and was nothing short of amazing. I enjoyed the exceptional leadership of the young and brilliant organizing team. I experienced diversity firsthand as I met and exchanged ideas with future diplomats, inventors, and world-changers, from across the globe. Thirteen African countries were represented.

Cameroon was well represented by nine delegates. Over half of them were from Open Dreams: Lenora Kelen, Titus Abongdoh, Ferdinand Forsi, Eleih Elle Etian, and Nchofon Tagha. This model African Union was held from May 13 to May 15, 2022. We actively participated in various committees and workshop sessions. There were five committees and each of them targeted pertinent issues and topics. The committees were: Infrastructure and Energy, Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC), Pan Africanism, Head of States, and Economic Affairs.

It was a great privilege to meet Kaise Dualeh (DG of the YMAU Programme) and Francesca Nyakora (President). I met most of the outstanding team members not forgetting Abigail Ndikum who has been of great help throughout the preparation process.

Being on the committee of Infrastructure and Energy was a great blessing to me. Not only did I get to discuss a subject I am very passionate about, but I also experienced being in a position of leadership and decision-making on a continental scale. I love medical technology and debating about developing technologies to address medical crises and establishing programs to ensure fair distribution of medical technology, in such a diplomatic atmosphere, was so fulfilling. I learned so much from the rest of the delegates and enjoyed every moment spent with them. They were also full of brilliant ideas. The debate gave birth to resolutions that will be sent to higher authorities for review.

Talking about the leadership workshops, they were stunning and were led by experienced professionals. There was a lot I took home from the workshop on Innovation and entrepreneurship, and on Globalization and International Cooperation. Not only were the topics intriguing, but applying the lessons learned to a real-world example was. My favorite case was China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its impact on African countries. I can't be happier to have learned and heard from the best.

Back to committees, it was a great honor and privilege for the various committees to be visited at the end, by rich profile-speakers who threw more light on the various discussion topics.

Delegates seized their breaks and after-conference-hours to network and interact with their new friends. Others used this time to enjoy the beautifully constructed African Leadership University, with paintings that evoked the sense of being African. A gaze of the city from the balcony was breathtaking.

Besides all these, most of the delegates commended the cleanliness, beauty, safeness, and hospitality of this rising African country.

To summarize this experience, I'll borrow three words from Abigail Ndikum:

Representation > Inspiration > Innovation.

- Nchofon Tagha Ghogomu.

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