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The Unshakable Assurance - By Precious Andin

Do you need a scholarship?

Put resilience in a friendship,

Determination and Faith in a relationship.

Often, rejections can have a membership.

Don't give up! Else, you'll become a sheep.

Have courage and apply.

Work harder! Let the pains of denial die.

Before and after you apply,

Ask for God's aid in full supply.

Believe - one day you will happily testify.

You're going to have an acceptance.

Receive rejection in endurance.

Your success will outweigh the balance.

This is not a race, just complete your distance.

Strive tirelessly and you will have assurance.

The moment you're accepted,

Do not cause others to feel dejected.

Rather, help them to be selected.

Work immensely to be better elevated.

Then, get your community uplifted.

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