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The need for an Alumni unit in every educational institution | Gilbert Miki Ngwane (PhD)

Updated: Apr 2

The existence of an alumni unit in every educational institution is very important. It's yet the unvalued oxygen of Higher Education Institutions esp in Africa.

Your university should constantly be in touch with you even after 1, 10, 20, 30 years or more to know how the knowledge you acquired is making a difference in your professional life and the impact you are creating in communities around the world.

Your university should constantly ask if there are some challenges you are facing and how the knowledge and skills you acquired are helping you to navigate those challenges.

Your university must ask if there are some recommendations you can give to contribute towards the improvement of the program you went through in the university. This is what makes Universities and other educational institutions stay alive & relevant. The absence of these will render the university innovation, no creativity, no impact & above all, the university will lack the fragrance of an alum community.

At the University of Reading, everywhere you go as an alumni, you smell it. I'm also proud of my Alma Mata, The University of Sheffield, for always keeping me posted, tracking my progress and performance/impact in the wider society. Many thanks to Chevening Awards (FCDO), Chevening in Cameroon, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK, and The Commonwealth & Development Office for the amazing opportunities to sail through World Class education in the UK.

My deepest appreciation to Open Dreams for being the bridge for both my professional and research career.

  • Gilbert Miki Ngwane (PhD)

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