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The Bridge to excellence | Carnegie Mellon University-Africa & Open Dreams Team visit ICT-University

In the heart of Rwanda, Carnegie Mellon University-Africa (CMU-A) stands as a testament to academic excellence, with a distinct focus on education, research, and entrepreneurship. Renowned for being one of the top schools in Africa, CMU-A embraces diversity and creates an environment that nurtures holistic growth.

Abraham Darriel, the Associate Director of Student Recruitment CMU-A, setting the ball rolling

On the 20th of November 2023, a pivotal event unfolded as the Open Dreams team, in collaboration with CMU-A's Associate Director of Student Recruitment, Abraham Dariell, embarked on a meaningful visit to ICT University. This encounter was designed to illuminate the myriad of opportunities awaiting students at CMU, showcasing its commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience.

Mr. Dariell took center stage, passionately unraveling the diverse programs that CMU-A offers. From essential documentation requirements of the application process, attendees gained invaluable insights into the academic landscape that CMU-A provides. The session went beyond mere information dissemination, becoming a platform to explore prestigious opportunities such as the MasterCard fully funded scholarship, exchange programs, a 12-month business incubation initiative, and sought-after internship placements.

The engagement didn't stop there. The session transformed into an interactive forum as students eagerly posed insightful questions. This dynamic exchange underscored the genuine interest and curiosity students harbored in the offerings of Carnegie Mellon University.

Following Mr. Dariell's enlightening presentation, Mr. Akaba James, the Country Director of Open Dreams, took the stage. His presentation elucidated what Open Dreams represents and outlined the myriad of benefits of becoming a part of this enriching professional community of scholars and mentors. The transition seamlessly led to an engaging question and answer session, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of Open Dreams.

Meeting with the Vice Chancellor of ICT-University, Prof. Jean-Emmanuel Pondi and his close aides (DVC for Academics, Professor Alain Isoh & The Director of Student Affairs, Assistant Admissions and Assistant IT Support staff, Akongnwi Sufor)

Beyond the enriching presentations, the delegation had the privilege of engaging with the administration of ICT University.

This meeting served as a pivotal moment to forge stronger connections among the institutions, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared growth.

In conclusion, Carnegie Mellon University-Africa's visit to ICT University was more than a presentation; it was a catalyst for opportunities, a bridge to excellence, and a testament to the power of education and collaboration. As students and educators alike continue to explore the vast realms of knowledge, the ripple effect of this encounter promises to create a lasting impact on the academic landscape in Africa and beyond.

- Fabiola Fikoue Dariska'21 | Open Dreams

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