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Thank You By Daphne Chebesi

Dear Open Dreams Family,

This is not just one of my well thought out and revised application essays but a flow of emotions. Each time I eat at home from when I was a kid, I always tell my mum thank you and more often she thinks I am appreciating her for cooking the food but she noticed that even as a grown up, when I cook, I still tell her thank you, which amazes her. Today, I am summing up all my thank you's to my mum into one big THANK YOU for my open dreams family.

I usually say thank you to my mum not necessarily for cooking the food she gives me but for providing the brain behind every meal I take that sustains me. In the same way, I want to thank you for being the brain behind the success I have recorded that makes me who I am. I might have put in lots of effort but if you did not believe in me, provided a support system and pushed me hard, I'll still get no where.

Before coming to Open Dreams, I wondered how I was going to get through the entire Scholarship application process. How I was going to take the SAT and TOEFL. Worst still how I was to get recommendations. When I saw people who had received Scholarships, I used to think of them as extraordinary people, like, how did they even do it? Everything changed for me when I came to Open Dreams. I found myself getting everything I thought will be impossible to get. But now, everything has changed, I have a story to tell too and I guess some look at me as extra-ordinary.

You have moulded me into the best version of the person I dreamed of and will ever be. You have put me on a path to a future many people long for. You have provided me with every resource I need to grow.

It has not been easy for me, and I know it's not been easy for you all too, the Open Dreams Staff. You had sleepless nights doing my recommendations and following up applications. You always found yourself confused because of so much work you had on your desk but you always created time for me. No matter how busy you all were, you created time for us and constantly replied my messages, constantly checking my progress. Some scholars say they rarely get the opportunity to talk you but I did so each time. You always found yourselves profiling me on schools and Scholarship programs. Each time you were to meet out with some officer. You always made sure I have an application submitted. To crown it all, You provided me with a mentor who turned out to be more than a mentor. She did everything and more. Each time I was going in for a standardized test, she'll make out a video to encourage me.

After all this, you watched me get rejected on most school and Scholarship applications. It certainly was not easy for you but you still did not give up on me. Some people have been at Open Dreams for two years but here am I, one year later, packing my bags to go to one of the best Universities. I must say it's been quite a journey for us all. Thank you for being with me every step of the way. Thank you for playing the role of mentors and parents to me at the same time.

I made this out so that each time you read through it, you remember that you made a big difference in my life. I will make sure to carry the Open Dreams spirit into the world. This is the beginning of something great for myself, my family and my community thanks to you all.

Thank You! Best Regards Daphne

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