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Tech: You can start from anywhere | Guilian Asongtia

As a teacher, I can’t help but say February 29th, 2024 was the major highlight of the TechWomen Delegation's tour in Douala, because the sessions impacted students directly.

Together with Pamela Azanfouet, we organized and ran 4 different workshops, viz: genetics, emerging technologies (AI particularly), Data Analysis and Engineering Design.

These workshops were quite simple, very lively and fun. The aim was to demystify these domains with simple hands-on exercises the students could carry out. Explanations and discussions followed from there, making the sessions interactive, engaging and truly enriching.

It was a great way for the TechWomen to give back to their community and inspire the next generation of women in STEM.

My major highlight for the day

I met an inspiring TechWomen mentor Caitlin Doyle. She is the Technical Program Manager at whose journey into stem was quite untypical. She transitioned from an English Language teacher to being in STEM. I believe sharing her tech journey with the students greatly inspired them to dream big and most importantly, to let them know that all hope is not lost when it comes to starting a career in STEM. You can start from anywhere, irrespective of your academic background or career choice.

The March 1st sessions were personally enriching for self-development.

We learned major highlights about what it takes to create a venture and what one should know/do while considering creating one.

Our keynote speaker was Rebecca Enonchong

  • Guilian Asongtia | Open Dreams

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