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It was yet another resounding session (2nd semester) of the REPAIR (Rebuilding Peace through Action and Inclusive Reach) Program on the theme: DEMOCRACY AND GOOD GOVERNANCE.

The speakers were superstars in their fields with evident experience and content. Rev Enow Michael took us through the Urgency of Transformational Leadership in Our Society where we had a very clear understanding of the fact that peace should be our new way of life and not a concept that is only spoken about in conferences. He went further to expatiate on the hidden curriculum which is the concept of people copying you without you directly teaching them. This can be done if the personality of the promoter in question is positive. The Solutioneur, Mrs. Mukam Olivia brought her A-game and delivered 200% on the theme: Becoming a Servant Leader. Her approach was nothing short of excellence. The very calm but action-oriented Ms Ngega Vanessa gave us a self-reflective moment with her presentation on ‘Integrity: A Core Value of Leadership’.

Day 2 was reawakening with Mr. Mbuh Julius giving us a detailed session on the Electoral Cycle and, of course, we then understood the difference between the Head of State and the President of a country… Finally, we still thanked the Head of State. The content of the REPAIR Program is so ENRICHING that the organizing team made sure we had panel discussions with leaders from several African countries; Egypt, Burundi, Rwanda, Eritrea, Lesotho, Cameroon and Ethiopia where we had a feel of Democracy in Africa in a Cross-Country Perspective and how we can address Democratic Decline in the Global Context. The day ended with the very innovative Mr. Robinson Fontebo Sama who made us understand and get a practical experience of E-Democracy.

Then came Day 3 with the zestful Mr. Jimm Chick who made us share our ideas on Reimagining Governance in Deeply Divided Societies. All the participants took part in voting of our cohort president, well-coordinated by the vibrant Mr. Sunjo Elvis and the powerful Ms Nyangono Joy Ernestine, the Presidents of Cohort 1 and 5 respectively. A big congratulations to Mr. Tata Elvis for winning the cohort 7 elections.

At the end, I was humbled to receive my certificate that certifies me as a Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy handed by the very dynamic Dr. Sakah Bernard. The 6-month journey of learning, civic engagement and building sustainable networks came to an end with, of course, more impact for us to create.

As young people, we sometimes get overwhelmed by our environment and the challenges we face, I want you to know that, you have to claim your space because ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN BE YOU and there is enough space for us all.

A big THANK YOU to NED (National Endowment for Democracy), NewSETA (Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All) and the entire REPAIR Team, you all are wonderful.

We are REPAIRERS and we are PREPARED to RESET.

-Kyria N. Kah, Open Dreams Scholar

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