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Open Dreams radiates its rays into hearts | Precious Andin

Open Dreams is a fertile ground.

An Open Space where:

Dreamers become Achievers,

Aspirants become Experts,

The Hopeless become Hope-givers,

Thinkers become Doers.

Every dream becomes a vision of an unstoppable mission.

Open Dreams is a Light source,

It radiates its rays into hearts

And restores hope of Victory

It revives the desire to win.

Open Dreams empowers and enlightens minds for greatness.

By being a part of Open Dreams, you become an Open Dreamer.

Who are Open Dreamers?

High achievers who have limitless and imaginative minds;

Great-minded people who seek mainly to help their community;

They're numerous youths whose hard work and resilience have landed juicy scholarships;

They're selfless founders and facilitators whose works help Cameroon, Africa, and the world;

They are brave people who don't see any part of their dreams unachievable.

Open Dreamers are Winners who strive for Successors.

We remain Grateful to Open Dreams,

Its creation is divine,

We Glorify the Lord for its foundation.

Let the name Open Dreams sound in all regions of Cameroon.

Let the Open Dreams Bells of Success ring in Harvard, Columbia, and Northwestern


Let Open Dreams' winds of Success continually blow in Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt University, Carleton College, University of Miami, etc.

Let its alarm of Greatness sound on in KNUST, USIU-A, Ashesi University, and ALU.

Let Open Dreams' light shine at John Hopkins University, MIT, University of British Columbia, etc

As Open Dreams turns 10, let the Batch of Gratitude intensify the Scholarship success rate, and the awesomeness of the community.

We put resilience, discipline, courage, Faith, and Smart work into this Fruitful Journey.

We have been refined,

Through Open Dreams, we find all our Dreams being realized.

Cheers! To the virtuality-to-reality transformer - Open Dreams.

- Precious Andin, Batch of Gratitude.

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