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Open Dreams Buea Hub Joins Global Celebration of World Environment Day with Tree-Planting Initiative

In a heartening show of environmental stewardship, Open Dreams Buea Hub has joined the global community in celebrating World Environment Day. This year’s theme, "Ecosystem Restoration: Desertification and Resilience," aligns perfectly with the organization’s commitment to fostering sustainable practices and promoting environmental awareness.

As part of their celebrations, Open Dreams organized a tree-planting event, bringing together volunteers, and environmental enthusiasts. This initiative aims to contribute to the global effort of restoring degraded ecosystems and combating climate change. By planting trees, Open Dreams not only enhances local biodiversity but also instills a sense of responsibility and connection to nature among participants.

Volunteers gathered early in the morning, armed with machetes, shovels, and a shared vision of a greener future. The event kicked off with a brief educational session. Participants, then proceeded to planting trees in a designated area, transforming the landscape into a budding environment.

"I am happy to be part of this initiative," said one of the volunteers. "It's empowering to contribute to a cause that will have a lasting positive impact on our environment. Open Dreams is making a real difference, and I am proud to support their efforts".

The tree-planting event is just one of many activities Open Dreams has planned to celebrate especially as they prepare for their upcoming 10th anniversary.

Through these efforts, Open Dreams reaffirms its dedication to environmental conservation and inspires others to join in the collective action needed to restore our planet.

As part of our coverage of World Environment Day, we had the opportunity to sit down with the coordinator of Open Dreams Hub Buea, Bate Elvis, to discuss their involvement in this global celebration and their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. The coordinator shared insights into the organization’s tree-planting initiative, the significance of their efforts, and their vision for a greener future.

Regional Program Coordinator, Bate Elvis speaks

Report by Bamen Simo Fabiola, for Open Dreams Buea

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