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No Planet B - Action Now! Kah Kyria

We have no planet B and so we need to take action NOW!.

It was a pleasure for me to join the 🚶🏾‍♀️WALK and 🚮CLEAN campaign organized by the British High Commission Cameroon and the High Commission of Canada to Cameroon as a means of reducing plastic waste. There was also a delegation from the US Embassy including the Ambassador.

The activity started at exactly 8:30 am as stated on the flyer and I was particularly impressed. Time management is a challenge to many people and we can only do better by practicing what we preach, no more “black man time” lol.

We went through the Valée Nlongkak to the Canadian Residence where we had break. I was chanced to meet Dr. Saka Bernard who recognized me from Facebook. He encouraged me to keep going and expressed his interest for future collaborations.

It was time to continue our walk and I was excited. During the walk to the Residence of the British High Commissioner, I met Lina and we started talking.

I told Lina about Open Dreams and she was proud of the work we do considering the fact that she is passionate about education and has worked for NGO’s for the benefit of low income families. I invited her to the Open Dreams Center and come Summer 2024 when we plan to celebrate our 10th anniversary, she will be us.

It is always fulfilling meeting different stakeholders who are passionate about the environment and how to reduce the effects of #ClimateChange on our planet.

Arriving at the British High Commissioner’s Residence, what immediately caught my attention was the garden, the greenery couldn’t go unnoticed. I met James Tanwie Chugong, the gardener who keeps the residence looking beautiful. I had a little chat with him and he told me of how he uses compost for the garden and nothing inorganic.

We listened to some speakers amongst which were, The British High Commission, Christian, Mark of Namé Recycling, Patu, the Co-founder of Game Changers and Sharon of the Green Network.

As we gravitate towards a circular economy, it is important to embrace waste Recycling.

With the successful launch of the #GREENNETWORK,

I was more than humbled to sign the commitment on behalf of Open Dreams to adopt and Implement the #LesserPlasticUseDaily. I am happy to continue practicing the habits I already had.

We shared a common meal and had pictures for documentation. It was a successful walk and clean day.

Kudos to everyone who is taking action towards saving our planet.

- By Kah Kyria

Open Dreams Scholar

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