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Keeping the promise - upholding the values and principles I learnt | AYIMBOH Lena, HKBU

Sensational: that would be the one word that best describes my past year at Hong Kong Baptist University (HBKU). After taking my freshman year fully online, I was thrilled to come to campus in person in September 2022. Though it was my sophomore year in college, I felt like a freshman – perhaps because it was my first in-person experience of university. Determined to be an epitome of the hard work and excellence of Open Dreams, I decided to not only focus on my academics but also to serve my campus as much as possible. I was selected for multiple roles across campus. I served as a Student Representative for the Admissions Office. A role which permitted me to virtually connect with prospective applicants to share my experiences as an international student at HKBU. To further highlight the uniqueness of my study experience, I wrote and published blogposts on the university’s platform. I was also recruited as a student helper with the office of Student Affairs, assisting on a variety of projects aimed at fostering the well-being of the students at HKBU.

Winning team with President of ITO

Hong Kong itself is a vibrant and diverse city which I have fallen in love with over the past year. Out of class, I spent time exploring the city and meeting new people. I volunteer with a few NGOs to foster my knowledge on the local social issues and contribute to supporting them in my own small way.

Over the summer, I consecrated more time to volunteering, independent learning and working on personal projects. I enrolled in the Adobe Analytics Pre-Contest Challenge held in August 2023. In this competition, we utilized Adobe Analytics to understand data from an E-commerce business and provide possible solutions to boost their sales and revenue. After four weeks of intense work, it was rewarding to be awarded the title of champion. Coupled with this victory is the opportunity to represent Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong at the international Adobe Analytics Challenge which will be held later this year.

It is with enthusiasm that I am embarking on my junior year where I will continue to pursue my academic and personal interests. I am excited about what lies ahead, and I will uphold the values and principles I learnt during my summer academy at Open Dreams.


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