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Journey of Discovery: Exploring South African History and Child Care | Obedine-Flore Fobuzie

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

The past three months have been simply amazing. Looking back at my time in Cape Town, I can summarize my experience in three words; Empathy, Community, and Gratitude.

Being part of a global cohort of young change-makers from 25 countries has opened my mind to the diversity and similarity among people from different cultures. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and embrace a new world and lifestyle where I got to learn more about the World and myself.

By volunteering at a human rights organization, I got a better look into the systems that govern our daily human interactions and how we can make these systems more human-centred. I also understood that the World is imperfect, but it is also good. I got to appreciate humans' progress toward achieving a more equitable and sustainable World.

My experience at Christine Revel Children's Home, my apprenticeship site, helped me connect with my inner child and build meaningful relationships with the locals of this community. Together with my T.A.L. participants, we got to learn more about the history and culture of South African, life post-apartheid, and Social Justice in Cape Town.

We jumped off cliffs, we hiked powerful mountains, we ran into deep blue oceans, we admired expensive art in museums, but most importantly, we had fun while learning. I could fully immerse myself in this new environment with so much to offer. In summary, after my experience with Take Action Lab, I only see myself as a better person.

- Obedine-Flore Fobuzie'21 | Open Dreams

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