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IDPs Acquire income-generating skills for sustainability - OD/KNUST MCF Scholars

Volunteering plays a critical role in empowering Individuals. On December 2022, MasterCard scholars from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in partnership with DeWise Foundation decided to carry out a two-week project consisting of training Internally Displaced Women on income-generating skills like bracelet making, makeup, baking, and entrepreneurship.

Day 1 was handled by Ngasoh Epiphanie, who taught them how to utilize beads to produce bracelets. She used her expertise in bracelet making to teach the IDPs about beads placement, decoration, sizing, and packaging. At the end of the training, participants created their pieces as they followed along. Many of them are already generating revenue from what they learned.

Day 2 was another amazing day with Nzakame Bonse who taught the women about make-up. She taught them self-make-up and also how to make up other people. The participants were able to learn the foundation of makeup and today they master lipstick practical, eye makeup, shadow application and many others. Making up is a good skill that can help them gain some financial independence because women are more conscious of their physical appearance as modern lifestyles are continually evolving.

Day 3 was amazing with Fikoue Fabiola and Ngasoh Epiphanie as trainers. The participants learned various baking skills like cake, pancake and doughnut production. The participants were then divided into two groups and given the task of making their cakes, pancakes, and doughnuts. Each group completed the task assigned to them as they were being taught. We were amazed and pleased with their accomplishments.

Finally, On day four, participants received basic training in marketing and financial literacy to help them as they learn to save and make some money on their own. As speakers, we had Fikoue Fabiola and Awantu Christian who are experienced in their fields. Fabiola provided advice on how to start a business, write a business plan, and prepare for an elevator pitch to obtain funding opportunities. Awantu, an experienced marketer, taught them how to use online marketing to promote their business. Koumayeb Anushka and Seka Blaise successfully supervised this session and kept it interesting.

The participants' journey to self-reliance and empowerment was a success. We are happy to see that the majority of them are succeeding by using the expertise they learned to generate a source of income. Through the combined efforts of the amazing team and Open Dreams, it has been possible to enable these ladies to become, to a good measure, financially independent and more hopeful for the future.

This was the product of the Community Project Allowance provided to MasterCard Foundation Scholars at KNUST

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