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How do I become a member of Open Dreams?

Updated: Oct 20

Each day, many aspirants write to us, asking the question, which is the subject of this blog post. The mission of Open Dreams is to equalize access to educational opportunities for community impact. The organization is a (transitional) nursery for those with high intellectual promise, cognitive ability or aptitude, who hunger for a decent education that is focused on problem-solving and that leads to the attainment of their full potential. We work on SDG#4; increasing access to Quality Tertiary/University Education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities.

The mentorship (college prep) program is for academically high-achieving students who demonstrate leadership, love for their community and the willingness to make a difference by going the extra mile to achieve and to impact, volunteering being a huge part of it. We expect our breed of scholars to be resilient, versatile, self-driven with high learning agility and to be open-minded, ethical and passionate about their dreams. The good mastery of the English Language and community spirit are key requirements.

Find some non-exhaustive guidelines below on how to become an Open Dreams Scholar: 1) You need at least 20 points at the Cameroon GCE Advanced Level or 30 points in the Technical GCE or "Bien/Distinction" in the Bacc, if you just took these certificate exams. 2) If you sat for 4 papers at the GCE Advanced Level, then you require a minimum of 18 points or 3 A grades; If you sat for 3 papers, then you need at least 2 A grades in two subjects that are not closely related (e.g. Math and Further Math, English Language and Literature in English are closely related). 3) If you are in Lower Sixth, then you must have had at least 27 points at the GCE Ordinary Level. Apply from January - May to attend the Open Dreams Summer Academy, #ODSA - email for other inquiries or keep an eye on the Open Dreams Facebook page. Take Note: We value knowledge as much as grades; if you took the GCE Ordinary Level in Form 4 or the GCE Advanced Level in Lower sixth, you will likely be ineligible to be a member of Open Dreams. We do not accommodate in our mentorship program students who did crash GCE programs. You must be well grounded to belong to Open Dreams. 4) If you already have a first degree (not HND) in a field that is demanding and rigorous (not fields like Marketing), then your GPA must not be less than 3.0 and your degree must be from an accredited higher institution. Alternatively, if your GPA is less than 3.0, you are expected to show proof of extra-ordinary community impact. Rapid-success chances however are slim with GPAs below 3.0. i.e. it may take more than a year to get a scholarship. 5) If you already have a Masters Degree, then a report of your community activism/impact, which must be outstanding, is sufficient to get you into the organization to pursue PhD opportunities and related opportunities like fellowships, research opportunities and other professional development programs. 6) If you are a PhD student and looking forward to academic fellowships or internship in a foreign institution, or you freshly got a PhD and are looking into post-doctoral research opportunities , then Open Dreams is one of the platforms that can provide professional support towards these goals. 7) If you are an accomplished professional and looking for avenues to volunteer, give back or provide mentorship, facilitate lessons, then Open Dreams is the place. It takes teamwork to make the dream work. If you already worked your way through and got a scholarship offer and perhaps want to be part of a vibrant community of scholars with common passions which can translate into carrying research work together or community projects, common causes, campaigns intellectual exercises including academic coaching, teaching, proof-reading of draft work etc, then you are eligible to be on board.

If you meet the conditions above, then send an email to with details of how you meet the eligibility conditions. Also state in your email, the name of the person who recommended you for the Open Dreams Academic Mentorship Program, your WhatsApp number. Take off some time to read this blog post as well. If you got other inquiries to make, feel free to send an email.

The guidelines above are designed to help us in our decision-making processes and operations as a very small part of a bigger whole, as we work on harnessing opportunities for human capital development. In no way do they define anyone's destiny. Even if you do not meet these eligibility conditions, hold tight to your dreams and pursue them with all your energy. You never can tell what tomorrow holds. #HALIAccessAfrica #SDG4QualityEducation #communityengagement #EntrepreneurialLeadship

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