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Hope in Crisis | Providence Action's Edufund Campaign

Since 2021, Providence Action has been running the Back-to-School Edufund Campaign, dedicated to funding students in the North West Region of Cameroon who are affected by the ongoing Anglophone Crisis. Our mission? To empower these students and reignite their educational journey. Starting with just five students in 2019, we now proudly support 13 students ranging from Form 2 to Upper Sixth.

We're delighted to share that our scholars have been making us proud by consistently excelling in their academic endeavours. This year, one of our scholars achieved a fantastic feat by securing outstanding results in the GCE Ordinary Level exams, acing a total of 10 papers! Such accomplishments fuel our determination to intensify our fundraising efforts for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Let's dive into the three remarkable phases of this year's 3rd edition of the Back-to-School Edufund Campaign.

Phase 1: Raising Funds and Outreach:

From August 3rd to September 12th, 2023, we launched the Edufund Campaign, spreading the word through our vibrant social media presence and reaching out to our dedicated sponsors. Together, we aimed to make a difference in the lives of these deserving students.

The team at work

Phase 2: Implementation:

The implementation phase posed challenges, as our team had to travel amidst the restricted travel situation in the region. Thankfully, we successfully overcame these obstacles. On September 22nd, we visited 13 schools in Bamenda and covered the school fees for our beneficiaries. Witnessing their growth since the inception of Providence Action was truly heartwarming and it gave us the zeal to want to do more.

The following day September 23rd at the Open Dreams Centre in Bamenda, we distributed essential school supplies to our beneficiaries, including books, pens, bags, calculators, rulers, pencils, erasers, and more. However, we didn't just share the school supplies. Words of advice and encouragement were poured out to the children by some team members. Agreement forms were signed by the guardians of these children, and they pledged to do their best in guiding the children at home. Seeing the excitement and readiness of the beneficiaries to dive back into their educational journey reaffirmed our commitment to their success.

Phase 3: Mentorship:

Our mentorship phase is set to continue throughout the academic year, providing academic and social guidance to our scholars. We strive to support them in achieving their best possible results by offering advice and fostering a nurturing environment. Together, we aim to empower them to excel and make us proud.

It is thanks to God almighty and the support of our donors and volunteers that this project has been brought into actualization. While we celebrate the milestones achieved so far, we look forward to a bigger, better and brighter future both for our beneficiaries and for ourselves as an organization.

Melvis Nformi | Providence Action

Team: Shansel Mbaku, Clifford Muchuo, Minge Samuel, Albright Njapa, Tchinda Rabeli Noel, Jesse Mundama, Muguo Oscric Akem, Benda Mingo, Eliel Toukam, Kumo Walters, Nkeh Gantar, Fai Junior, Vouchase Valerie, Dr. Nkomodio Enanga, Eizabeth Mbuwir

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