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Like most students in foreign countries, starting your university journey in a foreign land is a mix of excitement, curiosity, and a dash of trepidation. The transition from high school to university is always challenging, but when you're in a foreign country, those challenges can seem even more daunting. There's the adjustment to a new academic system, a different culture, and possibly a language barrier. However, with determination and resilience in a world where the pursuit of knowledge, the milestones achieved by several Open Dream scholars (both new and old) at USIU-Africa serve as a testament to the power of education.

With OD scholars such as Ambe Joyceline, Nadine Makuetche, Lenora Kelen, and Akwa Kelly-Pride (myself) bagging several awards in areas of academics, leadership and community impact, and social ventures, I would say our journey has been a remarkable one, marked by academic excellence, leadership, and the successful implementation of a transformative social venture project. We embarked on our academic journey with unwavering determination. Our hard work, guided by our shared passion for learning, led to outstanding achievements in our respective fields. We found ourselves receiving awards for our exceptional academic performance. Beyond academics, we recognized the importance of leadership and community engagement. We actively participated in student organizations, clubs, and community service initiatives. Our commitment to making a difference did not go unnoticed, and we were recognized for our leadership abilities and the positive impact we were making. The culmination of our hard work came when we received awards in multiple areas. Not only were we acknowledged for our academic prowess, but our leadership skills and impactful social venture project were also celebrated.

These awards were a validation of our dedication and an affirmation that our dreams of creating positive change were coming to fruition.

Our journey from Open Dreams (OD) pre-scholars to award-winning OD scholars has been a powerful example of the transformation that can occur when education meets determination. Our journey is far from over. As we continue our academic pursuits, we remain committed to making a lasting impact in our communities. The recognition and awards we have received serve as a reminder that we are on the right path and that the future is filled with boundless opportunities to make a difference.

With our heads high and with the OD spirit in our hearts, we say education cannot wait!

From Open Dreams to the World

- Akwa Kelly-Pride'18

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