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Forging a Sustainable & Peaceful Common Future| Bochum Samuel attends the 4th Commonwealth Gathering

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

On July 2023, Bochum Samuel, who is the Founder and Executive Director of the Non-Governmental organization in Cameroon called Youth Advocates for Peace and Community Empowerment Cameroon (YAPCEC), also the Director of Cameroon PEACE ACADEMY and the serving Cameroon National Youth Delegate to the Commonwealth Youth Council since 2018 under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the Commonwealth Department of the Ministry of External Relations in the Republic of Cameroon was nominated by the Commonwealth Youth Council and invited by the Commonwealth Secretariat to participate in the 4th Commonwealth Conference on Youth Work (CCYW) which took place at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom from the 10th -12th of July 2023.

Bochum Samuel who is one of Cameroon most dynamic youth worker with over 7 years of professional experience as a peace, governance and development expert through empowerment endeavors to train and equip young Cameroonian and youths across the continent as responsible citizens to become peace advocates and ambassadors to their communities and the Commonwealth has reached over 10 million youths from different communities both in rural and urban as well as locally in Cameroon and across other countries in strengthening their capacity on active participation in governance and development processes of their communities to foster social cohesion for accelerated growth and peace.

During his attendance at the conference, he actively participated in the meetings organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat with other member Associations to the Commonwealth were he contributed meaningful ideas in the conversations on how to promote and professionalize youth work across the Commonwealth nations with joint ideas with the team as recommendations to be forwarded to the upcoming Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting in September 2023 to be held in the United Kingdom under the coordination of the Pakistan Government for positive resolution to be taken by the Ministers to advocate and ensure their heads of governments and heads of states support the recommendation to support youth work to be recognized such as the integration of degree and master degree program of Youth Work, The recognition through awards and Celebration of Youth Workers, the creation of empowerment and resource centers or departments to boost youth work, the allocation of budgets before passing at the assembly for youth work and the reduction of voting age from 21 to 18 years to participate in the Democratic and Electoral processes.

The 4th Commonwealth Conference on Youth Work was specially convened by the Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Workers Association (CAYWA), National Youth Agency (NYA) UK, UK Department of Culture, Media and Sports as a unique and timely conference to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Youth, 50th years of the Commonwealth Youth Programme under the theme: "The Power of Youth Work: Forging a Sustainable Peaceful and Common Future, for a greater Celebration, Collaboration and Collectivism among youth workers, government ministries of youths, career professional across the Commonwealth 56 member countries to inspire hope and drive the professionalism of youth work as a vital component in building and sustaining responsible local and global citizens towards reducing unemployment, poverty, conflict while fostering development and growth."

The conference was focused on key 5 areas of concern as sub- themes which includes:

- Celebration and promotion of Youth Work.

- Collaboration, locally, nationally, and internationally both within the sector and across allied sectors.

- Collectivism/ solidarity across geographies.

-Youth Work's role in the encouragement and development of peace.

-Development of appropriate training support and opportunities for learning.

The Conference was aimed at tracing and examining the challenges of the youth work sector, looking at the negative effects of covid-19 pandemic for over a period of 3 years, as well as economic and environmental issues caused by governance, management of natural resources and natural disasters caused by climate change.

The conference also provided an opportunity for delegates deliberate on common challenges faced across while taking the opportunity equally to celebrate and strengthen the collective impact of Commonwealth youth work and youth workers over the years. By exploring youth work theories and practices that supports the education advancement and development of young people professionally globally.

Participants had the common space to learn from each other, share experiences, build and strengthen professional support relationship and create sustainable networks for the growth of youth work for more impact in future.

The conference helped to map out and encouraged the engagement of different stakeholders and government ministries to advocate and compliment efforts of youth workers and associations to empower and raise active problem solvers and job creators.

The Conference also encouraged members’ states to adopt and implement the degree and masters programs of youth work at University and High Institute of Learning across the Commonwealth.

Bochum Samuel Bache granted an interview to the UK National Youth Agency on his impression and expectations for the conference and what he actually learned as takeaway message and joined resolution for action back home in Cameroon to engage and work with the government and other stakeholders to empower and support youth work to achieve a better community and Commonwealth while emphasizing on need for collective efforts from everyone concern in the governance and development of the society to actively engage in the process as a way to reduce youth radicalization, crimes, unemployment and promote self-dependence, economic freedom, and contribution to community growth, progress and sustainable peace.


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