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Exciting University of Buea (FET) visit by reps from Carnegie Mellon University-Africa/Open Dreams

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

On Thursday, December 23rd, 2023, a momentous occasion unfolded at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Buea (FET Buea) as esteemed guests, Sir Abraham Darriel, Associate Director of Student Recruitment at Carnegie Mellon University of Rwanda and representatives from Open Dreams Cameroon among them Akaba James the Country Director, graced us with their presence. Their visit was marked by inspiring words of encouragement and invaluable insights into the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University- Africa (CMU-A).

The august guest, Abraham Darriel, in a solemn presentation to the students

The event commenced with Sir Abraham Darriel, a distinguished representative of Carnegie Mellon University Africa, captivating the audience with his profound knowledge and passion for academic excellence across the continent. He shed light on the remarkable opportunities that Carnegie Mellon University - Africa offers, expounding on its rich academic heritage and global reputation for excellence.

Following Sir Abraham Darriel's address, speakers from Open Dreams Cameroon took the stage, sharing enlightening perspectives on achieving success in both career development and securing scholarships without leaving out the “GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY” spirit they carry. Their invaluable guidance resonated deeply with the audience, highlighting the transformative impact of Open Dreams in Cameroon and beyond.

Akaba James, Country Director, Open Dreams speaking to the audience

As the event unfolded, Mr. Akaba James , the esteemed Country Director of Open Dreams, was given the platform to address the attendees. His words echoed the gratitude and appreciation for the remarkable endeavors of Carnegie Mellon University - Africa and Open Dreams in transforming lives and creating life-changing opportunities for aspiring individuals.

TiC President, Bill Njoh Agha, Presenting

The fun-activity of the day was the engaging "That's me!" game, splendidly coordinated by Mr. Bill N. Agha. This interactive session fostered camaraderie among the participants and reinforced the importance of self-discovery and personal growth.

Fulbright Scholar, Ndifor Richard

Then came in Fulbright Scholar, Ndifor Richard, who shared his experiences studying in the USA on two prestigious US-government sponsored programs. He presented highlights of the application processes, talked about community engagement and pledge his availability as part of the Open Dreams Team of accomplished mentors, to work with highly ambitious students who are striving to attain their full potential and to make a difference in their community as US-Exchange Program alumni.

The presentations were brilliantly coordinated by the Open Dreams Regional Program Coordinator for the South West, Bate Elvis, and the Summer Academy Coordinator for the Littoral Region, Guilian Asongtia, who herself an Engineer (Computer Science) was an inspiration to the girls making it in the STEM Field. Present in the hall were students from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) and College of Technology (COLTECH) of the University of Buea.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Carnegie Mellon University - Africa, for their unwavering commitment and consideration, demonstrated by the presence of an esteemed admission officer. We express our deep gratitude to Open Dreams for their outstanding and life-changing initiatives, not only in Cameroon but also across the globe.

This remarkable visit served as a testament to the power of collaboration and the profound impact that educational institutions and organizations like Carnegie Mellon University - Africa and Open Dreams have in shaping the future of aspiring individuals.

Open Dreams on the move

We remain inspired, motivated, and grateful for the invaluable knowledge and experiences shared during this momentous occasion. Our gratitude to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga, and the Vice Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Dr. Nde Nguti who put in so much for the success of the program, and the Director of the College of Technology, Dr. Ningo Ndeh Ntomambang.

Engaging moments

- Report by Ajamah Godlove | University of Buea (FET)

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