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E-teaching training for language teachers - Yaounde Cameroon

The introduction of e-learning and hybrid learning in Cameroon is a necessity to mitigate the accruing literacy gaps. Reflected in the 2022/2023 academic year theme “Advocating for digitization of learning”, digitization is an enabler to educational transformation in teaching literacy skills. However, the challenge lies in effectively adopting e-learning in learning and teaching, especially towards attaining literacy skills. Most teachers lack training and skills in using online teaching tools, creating and sharing digital educational content, and engaging students in online learning.

This project aimed at improving the teaching competences of 30 English Language teachers on using online teaching tools in teaching ESL learners.

Effectively using these online tools will increase literacy skills and learners' motivation. The project also aimed at strengthening teachers' capacity in developing creative online teaching and learning content. This content will be uploaded on the National e-learning platform.

During the two-day on-site training with prominent trainers among them Robert Kenfack and Dr. Kusi Toh, each teacher created their own Google classroom individually and in groups, as well as joined one another’s classroom so as to fully experience it both as teachers and learners. They also got drilled on Blended learning models and the golden rules of flipping. Ngwobela Arnold facilitated a session on how to carry out online research, to create content, avoiding plagiarism in presentation of personal online materials, respecting the national and UNESCO guidelines for creating and uploading lessons on the National E-Learning platform.

The digitization drive has renewed engagement in the teaching-learning process and almost everyone is now a student of technology.

The second part of the project is the online follow up of trainees. This project is sponsored by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State through IREX as the implementing partner, and supervised by the US Embassy, Yaounde - Cameroon.

By Arabella Atem | Project Director

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