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  • Akaba James, The Open Dreams Team

Talent-Based Learning Conference, Yaounde - Cameroon

On December 4th, 2019, the Open Dreams Team was part of a prime conference on Talent-Based Learning organized by Education For Creativity, EduCreate, courtesy, Ngan Sylvester Yengo, at the Higher Teachers Training College, Yaounde - Cameroon.


Ngan Sylvester, CEO, EduCreate, presenting

Talent Based Learning deviates from Academic Learning in which access to education is based on grades and the end product is also grades, and rather focuses on differentiated education based on the concept of, “There must be a professional and a scientific assessment of talent before any education can be prescribed for a child”.

Talent is thus the driver for passion-based education resulting in intuitive learning and the development and optimization of innate potentials. The teacher, here, assumes fully the role of a midwife (Socrates, Rousseau) and creates an atmosphere where students follow their different passions based on their innate talent and abilities.

In Talent-based learning, the career of a learner is known beforehand and the learning process assembles learning kits which best match the learning, product and expressions styles of the learner.

[Photo Credit: Author unknown]

The flexible (non-rigid,) and differentiated curricula is of relevance to each learner in his/her own sphere of budding talent or passions (no core curriculum, as different strengths in brain functioning require different educational technologies).

Prof Willibroad Dze-Ngwa presenting

"According to 21st century pedagogic sagacity, there is one overriding imperative for teachers: Don’t be the sage on the stage; be instead the guide at the side of your pupils. Instead of towering over their students like Platonic philosopher kings imposing a monarchical model of education, teachers must step down and stand alongside their students and humbly assist them in finding their own way along the path of learning" - Torn Halves [The digital revolution & Edtech - going beyond the hype, 2013]

Participants came in from the North West, Center, Littoral and Adamawa regions of Cameroon to join students of the institution for the program. Among the presenters were ENS Faculty Members, Authorities, Prof Willibroad Dze-Ngwa etc

The Open Dreams presentation by James Akaba, was on 'Nursing passions and supporting students beyond the classroom'.

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