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  • Aliceson Enonchong, Open Dreams Scholar

What a Day!

Breathe in, breathe out… I repeated this to myself again and again as I tried not to cry.

The traffic was impossible, but I had to be at the interview hall in 15 minutes.

All odds seemed to be against me that morning but I wasn’t ready to give up.

I said a small prayer and decided to watch the magic happen.

15 minutes later I was at the hall (hurray!) and they hadn’t even begun yet.

Bored, I took advantage of the waiting time to study my surroundings, review some general knowledge, discuss with friends, and ended up reading a novel.

Just then were we called up for the quantitative exam, which wasn’t hard in my opinion.

After 2 hours of waiting I was finally called up for the interview proper. I took a deep long breath then entered the room with a smile. Before I could blink an eye the questions started coming, first casually then the real deal. I kept my smile on and tried my best to look confident but deep down, God knows I was trembling.

The last questions were asked, then the 2 interviewers started talking in turkçe (at that moment I wished I was Turkish). Being told it was the end, I got my things ready to leave, but his last statement left me smiling like a Cheshire cat; “You are wonderful for Medicine!

(This is part of our series of messages focusing on College Interview Experiences)

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