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Little Girl.

Our love letter to you.


Dear Grown You: Step Aside.

I am writing this to the little girl inside you.

The one that thought she could soar, until someone clipped her wings.

The one that knew she was destined for greatness, until someone told her it wasn’t possible.

The one that believed she was special, until society told her she needed to be perfect instead.


I am writing this to the little girl inside you,

who maybe once had a voice,

But now it has gone silent, distant,

or can barely be heard.

The one who is so bogged down by life’s chores,

that she barely has time to listen to herself.

Little girl, I hear you.

Little girl, I see you.

Little girl, I want you to come out.

To roam free.

To live joyfully.

To build a life you love filled with people who love you for who you are

Who see the power of what you can accomplish,

Even or especially if you can not see it yourself.

Little girl, I know it is possible.

Little girl, I know you don’t believe me,

But deep down, I know you want to.

Little girl, in some ways I am you.

Little girl, in some ways you are me.

And though you may not believe it yet,

I know you can be FREE.


And there are many Shining Women

To help you find your way.

Many have come before us.

Many will come behind us.

And ONE is reading this now.


It’s in you.

It’s in me.

Now, let’s let her light shine FREE.

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