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The Students Symposium - An excellent Spirit | Lindsay Zokou

Today, October 21st, 2023, I attended a symposium organized by the charismatic spiritual leader- Harmony Ngaffeson, Rev. Claude Bernad, Mr. Emmanuel Ngolefac with other speakers among them Guilian Asongtia, Irene Neh Ngolefac, Agatha Suzie, Njingu Clerita etc.

The symposium was aimed at enlightening young Cameroonians on the numerous scholarship programs and grants available to young Cameroonians. Mr. Ngolefac, a renowned access scholar and education advocate, delivered an inspiring speech highlighting the importance of education and how scholarships can serve as a stepping stone towards success.

Mr. Ngolefac emphasized that education is crucial for personal growth and development. He highlighted how scholarships can provide access to quality education, which in turn opens doors to various opportunities.

The symposium shed light on different scholarship programs available for Cameroonian students, both within the country and abroad. Various organizations and institutions were mentioned, such as government scholarships, international foundations, and private sponsors. Detailed information regarding the application process for scholarships was provided. Attendees were guided on how to prepare strong applications, including writing compelling personal statements, obtaining recommendation letters, and meeting eligibility criteria.

As a TechGirls alumna, I had the privilege to share my personal experience during the symposium. I discussed how the TechGirls program provided me with valuable skills in technology and leadership, opening doors to new opportunities and networks.

The symposium organized was an exceptional event that shed light on the numerous scholarship opportunities available for young Cameroonians. It emphasized the importance of education and provided valuable insights into the application process. I am grateful to Mr. Ngolefac and the team for organizing such an informative and inspiring gathering, and for giving me the opportunity to share my own experience as a TechGirl. Such initiatives play a vital role in empowering young individuals and paving the way for their future success.

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