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The pain of watching people die from preventable causes | Dr Patience kunu


Life jackets are trending, because of the tragic incident a few days ago.

It was indeed very sad. May the souls of the departed rest in peace and May God strengthen their families through these difficult times.

There are many lessons to learn from this. Most of you understand the pain that comes from watching people die from preventable causes. That is what we experience daily. That is what pushes Doctors and other health Educators to come online and teach the public. The question is, "Are we always going to wait till people die before we take preventive measures and our health seriously?"

When someone commits suicide, we start a conversation around Mental Health which lasts for a few days and then we push it aside and move on without real change being made.

Do people always have to die before we value health information? Life jackets have been existing for centuries, and trust me, people have made posts on its importance before now but most of us either ignore or give the "something must kill a man" quote.

Most of us still drink and drive. Most of us still eat anyhow. Most of us still think seat belts are to avoid problems with road safety agents so we only wear them when we see the road safety agents. Most of us still abuse painkillers and other medications despite knowing the consequences.

Ordinary "wash your hands before you eat", most of us will still say, "Black man no d die dorty". Until diseases strike, then we start regretting.

The rate at which we take unnecessary health risks is Alarming! Many Healthcare workers and organizations share Health information daily on the media but most of us find it boring or we simply scroll past it. Don't wait till it kills you or someone else before you value it and apply it.

The distance between life and death is not thicker than an eyelid. I hope this helps.

We need to stop being reactive and start being proactive

  • Dr. Patience Kunu | Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Association | Open Dreams

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Tilarious Atia
Tilarious Atia
Apr 15

Thank you, Doctor🙌🏿


jabn ngue
jabn ngue
Apr 13

Is there a life bank? If yes , show me and I will not die! But if NO , surely only ignorance can knock me out.

Doctor thanks for letting the great population hear from you on the importance of life.


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