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The Africa Forum on Displacement | Vanessa Logan'21

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Africa Forum on Displacement in Accra, Ghana, where the primary focus was on collaboratively seeking solutions for the challenges faced by displaced individuals and refugees. The event kicked off with a Solutions Day, where participants engaged in brainstorming sessions to generate various ideas and strategies to address the pressing issues at hand. The subsequent two days were dedicated to pledges and feedback, providing a platform for stakeholders to discuss progress made since the previous forum.

I want to draw attention to a significant announcement made during the event. Julie Gichuru, the Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer of the MasterCard Foundation was present to share a crucial commitment. Out of the 30,000 scholarships that the MasterCard Foundation aims to provide, an impressive 25,000 of these scholarships are for internally displaced persons and refugees. This initiative holds the potential to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by displacement, particularly in regions facing crises like Cameroon.

The Forum also emphasized the importance of sharing personal stories of people directly impacted by the crisis since MasterCard Foundation is actively encouraging individuals who are displaced to apply for scholarships. They understand the unique challenges faced by displaced people and have tailored their support accordingly.

This is an excellent opportunity to share our stories, especially for those affected by the crisis in Cameroon. I hope many more internally displaced people can leverage this opportunity.

- Vanessa Logan'21

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