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Purpose-driven studies | Career orientation with Team Open Dreams Buea

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The career orientation event held in Limbe by the Open Dreams Buea Community was a resounding success. It served as an excellent platform for secondary school students from Renaissance Secondary School Limbe to gain valuable insights and guidance regarding their future career paths. The event focused on various aspects, including helping students discover their true potential, identifying their skills and interests, and understanding the importance of volunteering and internships.

One of the key highlights of the event was the informative presentations delivered by each member of the organizing team. These presentations covered a wide range of topics, such as the significance of choosing the right career path, the exploration of individual strengths and talents, the availability of volunteering and internship opportunities, and the ever-evolving landscape of future job trends. By addressing these areas, the event aimed to equip the students with the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their professional journeys.

The responses and feedback received from the participants were overwhelmingly positive, which served as a testament to the event's success. It was evident that the students found great value in the information shared and were motivated to pursue their aspirations with renewed enthusiasm. The event not only provided practical insights but also instilled a sense of resilience and determination in the participants, teaching them how to overcome failures and setbacks along their career paths.

The organizers of the event were elated to witness the positive impact it had on the students. The feedback received validated their efforts and reaffirmed their belief in the importance of promoting inclusive and quality education for all. It was a journey filled with purpose and joy, as the objectives set for the event were successfully achieved.

In expressing gratitude, special thanks were extended to the Proprietor of Renaissance Secondary School Limbe for their invaluable support in making the event possible. Their collaboration and commitment to empowering students played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the career orientation event. Their contribution to the education and development of young minds is highly commendable.

Overall, the career orientation event in Limbe served as a significant stepping stone for the participating secondary school students. It provided them with the necessary guidance and inspiration to embark on their future career journeys with confidence and determination. The event not only enriched their knowledge but also fostered a sense of empowerment and self-belief, laying a strong foundation for their personal and professional growth.

- For the Buea Team, Emmanuel Kum

Members of the team: Teh Emmanuel Kimbi, Femba Vilian, Dr. Nfor Claudia, Mercy Sah, Germaine Mbi Ngum, Nyambi Vanessia, ABUAMBOU EVODIA RUTH AYOUNGKWA, Tataw Ayuk Emilie, Santina Ejeck, Lonku Emmanuel, Nfor Kinsley & Bate Elvis

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