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Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the heart of Africa - a dream | Madza Eugette

West Africa, especially Cameroon is blessed with a large diversity in natural resources and workforce. Many of these raw materials have amazing medicinal properties but due to lack of research and pharmaceutical industries, these stay unexploited by Cameroonians. However, many of these resources are used by other companies outside of Africa to manufacture medications amongst other things. As a MasterCard foundation scholarship currently studying Pharmacy in the University of Botswana, it will be an honor to work hand in hand with other healthcare professionals to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing right in the heart of Africa.

I was privileged to have a small discussion with other Open Dreams Scholars at the Open Dreams Center. It was really nice to see all the new faces and feel at home with the Family after a long time. As a MasterCard scholar who studies in an African country, I'll say that, "just as there are opportunities out of the continent, the opportunities within the continent are as valuable if not more". An amazing scholarship or opportunity should not be underlooked because it's in the African continent. Instead, we should be proud that our home, Africa got countless opportunities to build and groom amazing minds.

- Madza Eugette'18

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Amboakwe Gracia
Amboakwe Gracia
24 de nov. de 2023

Hi, when will I start?, where exactly can I meet you guys

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