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Peace through Food: the role of women and youths | Kimberly Kum

This is a report on the healthy feeding, sustainable development, and growth conference which took place on October 22, 2023, at Mboa Hub in Yaounde. It was organized by Mind Reformers Network Global under the leadership of its founding President, Rodrigue Tamukong in partnership with other community-based organizations among them CamIFST, Open Dreams, SS4CD, Dewise and GFAN, in commemoration of the World Food day (October 16). The aim of this conference was “Peace through Food: the role of women and youths”.

There were numerous partners present at the event, including the Sustainable Solution for Community Development, Tea Tube Fruit Juice, Royal Chocolates, and many others. They were invited to present on their various products, emphasizing the importance of agriculture. We had a guest speaker from CRTV and a representative from the Ministry of Agriculture. Among the panelists were food specialists, dietitians and more. These individuals made significant contributions to the event, making it truly remarkable.

The sessions began with an interactive question and answer segment, where we learned about the primary organization responsible for agricultural affairs in Cameroon. Immediately after, we had a presentation on the purpose, objectives, and mission of Mboa Hub.

The next agenda item was a round table conference, during which the first speaker discussed the vital role of women in ensuring family nutrition and emphasized the valuable contributions to youth development. Then, the second guest speaker elaborated on the essential elements of a balanced diet. Prior to the speaker’s address, we were instructed to hydrate ourselves with a glass of water, recognizing its significance as a natural source and foundation of our food intake. Finally, the third speaker shed light on various aspects of food production and manufacturing.

Various workshops were conducted during the event, where presenters displayed their processed agric products and shared insights into the main resources used in the production. Following that, the founder of the NOWEWA Foundation delivered a compelling speech emphasizing the significant importance of investing in agriculture. Her specificity highlighted and encouraged youth to explore careers opportunities in the agricultural sector. Subsequently, the moderator summarized key points from each speaker and shared their own perspective on the topics discussed.

During the event, I had the privilege of witnessing a captivating story shared by a renowned Cameroonian poet, which emphasizing the values of sharing food and avoiding greed. We were then guided outside to explore the diverse exhibition booths. Our first stop was at the SS4CD booth where they highlighted cakes and peanuts made solely from cassava flour, involving washing and drying the cassava before grinding it into flour. We also had the opportunity to sample ginger fruit juice.

Next, I learned about Royal Chocolate, which is exclusively made from organic cocoa and mint. I also gained insights into the production of Irish biscuits, ginger products, pepper products, and more.

Later, a Cameroonian musician who had traveled all the way from the southwest region to perform his songs treated us to a performance. Finally, the event concluded with the last presentation, followed by closing remarks and the ceremonial cutting of the cake by Akaba James, the Director of Open Dreams. He spoke about the urgency for food transformation, pointing out that actors in the agric field need to work on food processing and supply until when the common man can be able to walk to a nearby shop and get bottled natural ginger juice with the same ease (availability) as we get carbonated drinks, which may not be very healthy for the system.

In conclusion, the program was highly educational, providing valuable insights into the agricultural sector and inspiring me to consider investing in it in the future.

- Kimberly Kum | Open Dreams

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Mbuh Derick Ticha
Mbuh Derick Ticha
02 ene

@Sustainable Solutions For Community Development (#SS4CD) heartily appreciates your kind words and strides made last year in the area of promoting Food for Peace project. We were happy to be part of the reflection and action. @Mbuh Derick Ticha ;Founder and Coordinator-SS4CD.

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