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Pages of Purpose: A Journey from Curiosity to Community

From the tender age of 7, a single book ignited a flame within me, a flame that would shape the course of my life and touch countless others across Sub-Saharan Africa. Gifted by my mother, the words of "Curiosity Killed the Cat" became my constant companion, a treasure I carried with me like a prized possession.

Despite being surrounded by my mother's nursing books, my thirst for knowledge knew no bounds. From attempting sterile syringe procedures on neighborhood kids to nurturing rodents in my wardrobe, I was determined to explore every avenue of learning. Financial independence beckoned, leading me to create makeshift banks in backyard holes, fueled by a relentless desire to carve my own path.

Amidst the transient nature of my mother's job, my aunt's steadfast presence provided a stable haven. Under her tutelage, my love for African fiction blossomed, revealing tales of ancestral traditions and lifestyles too often overlooked.

Secondary school ushered in a new chapter, one marked by lunch breaks spent devouring fiction in libraries. The aroma of aged pages at the Tobin Public Library and the familiar stacks of the School Library of Government Bilingual High School Atiela became my sanctuaries, nurturing my burgeoning love for literature.

Yet, as the winds of socio-political unrest swept across my homeland (to date), my academic journey faced turbulent waters. Undeterred, I turned to reading as a beacon of solace, cultivating a community of like-minded individuals through WhatsApp. Despite the upheaval, our passion for Literature remained unwavering.

It was during these tumultuous times that I found myself drawn to the noble mission of Open Dreams, an organization advocating for access to quality education. Inspired by their ethos, I embarked on a journey to not only promote a love for reading but to empower my community through knowledge.

On November 1st, 2022, our community of over 250 book lovers was reignited, breathing new life into our collective passion. With newfound purpose, I embarked on a bold endeavor: the launch of LitVerse, a socially-conscious bookstore with a vision to revolutionize the literary landscape.

LitVerse is more than just a bookstore; it's a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change. Our mission is clear: to promote literacy, personal growth, and inclusivity through an affordable and accessible model. Aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to bridge literacy gaps, targeting underserved demographics with tailored programs and initiatives.

As we chart a course towards the future, our ambitions know no bounds. We envision LitVerse as a platform for sustainable development, driving meaningful change through education, inclusion, and collaboration. With digital innovation at our core, we aim to update the way the world engages with Literature.

For me, this journey is more than just a testament to my passion; it's a testament to the

transformative power of Literature. If curiosity killed the cat, then satisfaction surely resurrected it. And as I look to the future, I am filled with boundless optimism, knowing that through LitVerse, we can truly change the world—one book at a time.

  • Ngako Patricia-Thelsy Moveni'18 | Open Dreams

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