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Museums for Education and Research | World Museum Day 2024 | Lingong Martha Mburli

May 18th, 2024 was observed as World Museum Day under the theme, "Unlocking Knowledge: Museums for Education and Research".

The Panel for the Day

It was on this note that REGARTLESS convened a platform of reflections at the S. T. Muna Foundation with focus on Museums and Decolonization within the context of neocolonialism.

It was indeed an arena of rethinking as experts leveraged their best in that domain and beyond, and participants as well, left there with full mind.

Discussions centered around the models of cooperation and partnerships that can be developed to ensure mutual respect and benefit, how museums can ensure more accurate and respectful representation of marginalized cultures, the ways in which digital tools can be used to enhance accessibility, representation and collaboration with source communities, how technology and digital platforms contribute to the decolonization of museums, how museums balance global interconnectedness with the need for local autonomy and representation and a lot more.

Thank you REGARTLESS for putting up such a reforming and transforming platform to the benefit of lovers and promoters of our most cherished African heritage.

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