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More than Doubling Adaptation Finance for a Resilient Future | Claude Tomoh

The Inaugural Youth Forum on Adaptation Finance in Africa (YOFAFA) was an extraordinary event meticulously organized by the African Coalition for Sustainable Energy and Access (ACSEA) and the PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), in collaboration with the Africa Adaptation Initiative, Brace Africa, and the Government of Cameroon. Held under the inspiring theme of "More than Doubling Adaptation Finance for a Resilient Future," this forum brought together a distinguished gathering of over 200 young climate activists from across more than 20 African countries. Its central objective was to foster meaningful discussions on the effective amplification of adaptation finance in Africa to support climate adaptation endeavors.

The opening day commenced with an enlightening overview of the forum, accompanied by a simplified introduction to the Paris Agreement, eloquently delivered by Mr. Christophe from the United Kingdom. The opening remarks, delivered by esteemed individuals such as Dr. Augustine Njamnshi, Executive Director of ACSEA, Dr. Mithika Mwenda, Executive Director of PACJA, and Seyni Nafo, Coordinator of the Africa Adaptation Initiative, set a tone of significance and purpose for the forum.

A dignified opening ceremony was presided over by HE Helle Pierre, the Minister of Environment, Nature Protection, and Sustainable Development. The day proceeded with a thought-provoking panel discussion on the State of Adaptation Finance in Africa, featuring distinguished speakers representing the Africa Adaptation Initiative, Africa Group of Negotiators, African Development Bank, Green Climate Fund, and the Adaptation Fund. These eminent personalities shared their profound insights on the current landscape, challenges, and opportunities pertaining to adaptation finance on the continent. Prof. Chinedu Nwajiuba skillfully moderated the panel discussion, ensuring a highly productive exchange of ideas.

The first day culminated in an engaging workshop on Advocacy 101, providing participants with invaluable knowledge on various strategies and methodologies for planning and executing effective advocacy campaigns aimed at fostering adaptive finance.

The second day of the Youth Forum witnessed the presentation of several impactful adaptation projects, which had received funding from diverse sources. These projects, implemented in various regions of Africa, showcased valuable lessons learned and best practices in the realm of adaptation finance. Noteworthy examples included the Water and Sanitation initiative benefiting communities in Nigeria, the Sunflower project in Kenya, and the Tutegrated project titled "Building Adaptive Capacities in the Donga Mantung Plateau of Cameroon Through Biofertilization." Additionally, an enlightening panel discussion shed light on innovative solutions for adaptation finance in Africa, featuring esteemed speakers representing African governments, ONACC (Kenya), AFDB, and GIZ.

A hands-on session on Project Development provided participants with practical guidance on designing and developing financially viable adaptation projects. The day concluded with a captivating cultural night, a celebration of the rich diversity of African culture through performances by talented local artists and groups.

On the final day, groups formed during the project development sessions were granted the opportunity to present their adaptation finance projects. This was followed by a forward-looking discussion on the priorities and actions necessary to scale up adaptation finance in Africa. Participants from different countries shared their insightful thoughts on the future trajectory of the forum.

A collaborative session was held to draft and finalize a joint statement known as the Yaounde Call for Climate Finance in Africa, skillfully facilitated by Eugene N Nforngwa and Afanyu Yembe from PACJA. Find the link to the Yaounde call below

 This session aimed to mobilize urgent action on adaptation finance in Africa. The solemn closing ceremony featured closing remarks by Dr. Augustine Njamnshi, the Executive Director of ACSEA, the reading and presentation of the Yaounde Call on More than Doubling Adaptation Finance in Africa by a representative of YAF, and a closing speech by HE Helle Pierre, the Minister of Environment, Nature Protection, and Sustainable Development.

The Youth Forum on Adaptation Finance in Africa was an extraordinary event, and I am honored to have been part of this landmark occasion. It provided a platform for invaluable networking opportunities with participants from diverse countries and imparted practical knowledge on adaptation finance. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of this remarkable event for their dedicated efforts in ensuring its resounding success.

  • Claude Tomoh | Open Dreams

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