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Juicaholics and more, a classical case of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Bongajum Lesley Ndzi is an entrepreneur. He uses entrepreneurship and holistic business models as a tool to bring about positive change in his community and beyond. His first venture was BONGA JUICE bar. He started this venture in Buea Cameroon in an attempt to help local fruit and vegetable farmers who were losing tons of their fresh produce daily due low market demand and little or no storage facilities. Mr Bonga’s (as he is popularly known) business was transforming these fresh fruits and vegetables into mouth-watering fresh juices and smoothies. His venture created lots of jobs for young people, provided a steady market for local fresh fruits and vegetables and transformed some alcoholics into “juicaholics” by creating a culture of juice/ smoothie lovers called “bongaful peeps”. This venture became a household name in Buea and its environs and had been a source of income to more than 100 youths.

One of the problems he encountered was frequent power cuts. It left his guests stranded which led to poor sales. Due to constant electrical failures, the fruits and vegetables in the fridge always got rot. Later, signs of obesity were all over him and he started exercising frequently. During one of the spinning classes, he realized from that he can convert the mechanical energy from pedaling into electricity.

Using the law of conservation of energy, Mr Bonga founded the BONGA POWER BIKE, a fitness innovation that can convert the mechanical energy from pedaling into electricity. He succeeded in setting up a smart team that built a working prototype by using parts of abandon cars, motorcycles and bicycles in his neighborhood Ndu (Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region of the Cameroons). He is working on getting the product into the market.

In 2017, he started LEVREROSE in the quest to help women in sub-Saharan Africa who are faced with the double burden of taking care of their families and keeping a day time job. With this venture, women are selling high quality cosmetic products from the comfort of their homes with the help of a simple smart phone and internet connection. Women in over 10 African countries, Europe, Canada etc, through this venture have increased their income while spending quality time with their families.

Mr BONGA is a multiple award winning entrepreneur, a global citizen and enjoys living life to the fullest.

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