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Introducing your accredited counselor | Toulack Kingsley

A pivotal avenue for expanding educational access and enhancing student well-being lies in the realm of continuous professional development. By steadfastly engaging in ongoing professional growth, educators and counselors fortify their expertise in implementing best practices, pioneering innovative pedagogical approaches, and devising strategies attuned to the ever-evolving needs of students and communities. This commitment may manifest through participation in counselor fly-ins, participation at esteemed conferences, or enrollment in specialized professional development courses.

I am delighted to announce my successful completion of the prestigious Times Higher Education Counsellor Accreditation Programme (THE CAP).

This immersive program delved into a spectrum of core themes including, but not limited to, admission procedures and financial aid mechanisms, counseling methodologies, adept management of stakeholders, adept reporting and advocacy techniques, cultivation of resilience, and insightful analysis of sectoral trends.

Through dedicated participation in THE CAP, I have further honed my skills and expanded my knowledge base, poised to effect positive change and foster holistic student development within our educational landscape.

- Toulack Kingsley | Open Dreams

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