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Habor of Hope: The Open Dreams Sanctuary | Emmanuel Kum

A Poem which is an expression of the reasons I (Emmanuel Kum) brand Open Dreams after being asked by People why I love Open Dreams so much. The poem is inline with the OD Tenth Anniversary

In the realm of dreams, where hopes reside,

There lies a place, a radiant guide,

Emmanuel, they asked, with curious mind,

Why does Open Dreams in your heart entwine?

Like a brand ambassador, I proudly proclaim,

For Open Dreams, I bear an eternal flame.

For it is the birthplace, where dreams take flight,

Restoring aspirations, igniting a light.

A haven where dreams find their sweet release,

A sanctuary where hope finds its peace,

Open Dreams, a beacon for the youth,

Unveiling futures, revealing truth.

Ten years it celebrates, a milestone grand,

A decade of hope, reaching out its hand,

To the hopeless souls, it brings a ray,

Breathing life into what seemed lifeless clay.

For the dreamers, it paints a vibrant scene,

Where aspirations bloom, in colors serene,

Open Dreams, the catalyst of dreams anew,

Where hearts ignite, with passion true.

So, marvel at this place, this precious space,

Where dreams are born, with divine grace,

Open Dreams, a harbor, a sanctuary,

A testament to dreams, boundless and free.

For in its embrace, dreams find their voice,

And in its essence, dreamers rejoice,

A symphony of dreams, it orchestrates,

Guiding the youth towards their best versions.

Emmanuel's love, a flame that burns bright,

For Open Dreams, a beacon of light,

For it breathes life into the hushed desires,

And sets the spirits soaring higher and higher.

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