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Feedback: "Eco-Literacy for All" Project | Nji Nestor

What a profoundly inspiring training experience I had at the recent CAFTAL Eco-Literacy workshop! As a dedicated teacher passionate about nurturing young minds in Cameroon, I am grateful for opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge.

Day one of the training Program at Trinity Hotel, Limbe - Cameroon

Over two impactful days, experts like Madame Atem Arabela and Sir. Akaba James equipped us educators with insights into sustainability issues and strategies for integrating environmental education into our lesson plans. Their tireless efforts to build human capacity through initiatives like this, with critical support from partners, are moving Cameroon closer to a greener future.

Climate Action Champion and Project lead, Arabella Atem, and the President of the Cameroon Fulbright TEA Alumni Association, Sam Canisius leading impactful and interactive sessions at the training program

I was particularly thrilled to learn techniques for engaging students through digital tools, thanks to trainers like Mrs. Loveline M Chiaga. Her sessions on leveraging artificial intelligence with Microsoft Copilot and Notebook, and visual storytelling with Canva left me excited to transform how I bring lessons to life. Fostering digital literacy is a core part of my work as a teacher committed to equipping youth for the future.

Loveline M. Chiaga in action with the cream of educators

This invaluable training would not have been possible without the generous support of several key partners. I am deeply grateful to the US Department of State for believing in Cameroon's potential and investing in our human development through programs monitored by the US Embassy Yaounde - Cameroon. Their support, channeled through reputable organizations like IREX, empowers us teachers to provide world-class education for all.

I feel renewed in my commitment to nurturing the minds of tomorrow. Armed with modernized skills and a wealth of expertise, I am better equipped to guide my students on their journey toward a sustainable future. They deserve quality education to thrive.

  • Nji Nestor | SkillTec Limbe, Cameroon

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